The ePublisher Express component is used for creating and deploying online publications directly from a user's desktop computer. This component is packaged with out-of-the-box integration for both Adobe FrameMaker and Microsoft Word authoring environments to allow users to easily proof their publications and identify invalid style formatting, 508 compliance issues, broken hyperlinking, and other document irregularities. Using your organization's shared stationery, style and format behavior updates can be automatically synchronized to a user's existing publication projects. This component is recommended for all users who need to either generate or proof their online publications directly from their computer, and requires only limited training for effective use.

Key Benefits

Ease of Use - ePublisher Express is very easy to use, allowing writers to continue writing in their editor of choice rather than learning new tools. In many cases, it's as simple as choosing to generate output from the WebWorks menu integrated into your editor.

Reporting - Reports inform writers about potential errors or other relevant information useful for increasing accuracy. Writers are informed of errors and can correct mistakes early in the process, eliminating the need for tedious reviews. Built-in reports include illegal style usage, hyperlinks, filenames, topic aliases, and accessibility compliance violations.

Stationery - ePublisher Express uses the same stationery created by ePublisher Designer, allowing reuse of all presentation work created by a designer. This further frees up writers to write and not be concerned with presentation issues.

Table Support - Supports advanced table styling properties.

Configurable UI - At installation time, the UI is configurable to either enable or disable condition, variable, and cross-reference panels. This provides managers the added flexibility of allowing writers to modify this information or to restrict the values to those specified in the stationery.