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On this page you will find information specific to the ePublisher 2017.1 release.

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Known issues as of 2017-10-17

Defect Number Description Workaround Release.Build of Fix Format versions fixed
EPUB1827 Formats: Reverb: Using variable for getting the baggage list path in the Target Settings 2017.1.2333 2017.1
EPUB1829 Formats: Reverb: Support decimal values in the weight values for search relavance in both baggage files and Style Designer options. 2017.1.2333 2017.1
EPUB1830 Formats: Reverb: Indexing External Links - Only crawl unique URLs ignoring '#' 2017.1.2333 2017.1
EPUB1831 Formats: Conditions Report has incorrect message text 2017.1.2333 2017.1
EPUB1832 AutoMap AutoMap condition and variable scanning option using command line 2017.1.2333 N/A
EPUB1844 Formats: Reverb - Update default values for externally indexed HTML files 2017.1.2333 2017.1
EPUB1826 Evaluation Materials: PDF styling needs work 2017.1.2333 N/A
EPUB1843 Help: Update help for 2017.1 build 2333 2017.1.2333 N/A

Known Issues Explained

We are dedicated to providing regular ePublisher updates throughout the year which include added features and functionality, improved performance, and important bug fixes. However, despite a thorough QA regimen, some issues are bound to slip through the cracks. Here is how we are going to address these issues.

In the days and weeks following each release, we will focus on identifying, diagnosing, and resolving those unforeseen issues that have the biggest impact on all WebWorks users. Those issues will be posted on the release page and the scheduled release in which the defect will be fixed shall be noted.

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