ePublisher Analytics Training

ePublisher Analytics Training: Unlocking Insights

Welcome to ePublisher Analytics Training, where we uncover the power of advanced Google Analytics tracking within ePublisher. In this comprehensive four-hour course, we've developed a curriculum that enables you to harness the full potential of these features.

What We'll Explore

  • Data Gathering: Learn how Google gathers data on your content, providing you with valuable insights.
  • Data Recording and Reporting: Discover how Google records and reports the data it collects, making it accessible for analysis.
  • Analysis Mastery: Develop the skills to analyze Google reports effectively, especially in the context of documentation.
  • Google Event Tracking: Understand the concept of events and how to create them within Google Analytics.
  • Reverb 2.0 Integration: Explore the integration of Google Event Tracking within Reverb 2.0 and its significance.
  • Reading Event Tracking Reports: Gain proficiency in interpreting Reverb 2.0 Event Tracking reports.

Unlock Insights, Empower Documentation

We believe that engagement is at the heart of effective documentation. Have you ever wondered how well your documentation serves your audience's needs? Did they find the answers they sought through search? Did your content address all their questions? Did it meet their expectations? These questions find their answers through measuring your audience's engagement with your documentation, a capability offered by Google Event Tracking via Reverb 2.0.

Traditionally, Google Analytics was primarily associated with eCommerce behavior tracking, but we've shattered the misconception that it's unsuitable for documentation. Analytics provides invaluable insights into engagement, and this course caters to both beginners and advanced users. ePublisher Analytics Training is your first step in fully comprehending the value of analytics-driven documentation.

Invest in Your Insights

The cost for this advanced training course is $750.00 per person, with group training discounts available.

Ready to Unlock Insights?

Begin your journey into the world of analytics-driven documentation by exploring our training dates, learning about group discounts, and registering for one of our upcoming ePublisher Analytics training sessions. Join us to gain a deeper understanding of how your audience interacts with your documentation.

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