ePublisher 201 Training

ePublisher 201 Training: Advanced Mastery

Welcome to ePublisher 201, your opportunity to elevate your expertise in ePublisher Designer. This four-hour advanced training course is the next step in your journey to harness the full potential of ePublisher. Are you aware that the ePublisher workflow allows you to incorporate your own CSS, manage cross-references, variables, and conditions regardless of their source content setup? It's time to unlock the true capabilities of ePublisher and gain access to every facet of the creation process.

What We'll Explore

  • Output Style Customization: Learn how to create and modify output style and behavior through the user-friendly interface.
  • Advanced CSS Customization: Dive into the world of advanced customization using CSS and modifying HTML template files (ASP pages).
  • Unified Help Systems: Discover the techniques to merge separate help systems into a unified and cohesive Help system.
  • Best Practices: Explore the best practices for implementing and utilizing a WebWorks suite of programs, including preferred image formats and PDF generation practices.
  • Translation Setup: Master the art of setting up projects for translation, even for right-to-left languages.


Completion of the ePublisher 101 training session is a prerequisite for ePublisher 201. However, if you have relevant experience, it may be substituted for training.

Invest in Your Mastery

The cost for this advanced training course is $550.00 per person, with group training discounts available.

Ready to Elevate Your Expertise?

Take the next step in mastering ePublisher by exploring our training dates, learning about group discounts, and registering for one of our upcoming ePublisher 201 training sessions. Join us for an in-depth exploration of ePublisher's advanced features and their practical applications.

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