ePublisher Splash Design Training

ePublisher Splash Page Design Training: Elevate Your HTML Content

Join us for ePublisher Splash Page Design Training, an immersive course designed for document creators looking to enhance their HTML content. The splash page of any HTML document set serves as the initial point of contact for your audience, setting the tone for what follows. In a single glance, your audience forms their first impression, deciding whether your content will be valuable or not. Elevating your splash page means making it more interactive and informative, ensuring that you make the best first impression. With the right splash page design, you provide your audience with relevant information quickly and easily, increasing the overall value of your content.

What We'll Cover

  • Custom Splash Page Expertise: We've distilled the best ideas from our custom work into this online training course. These ideas have been refined through extensive discussions and research, aligning them with the expectations of today's audiences for HTML help sets. We've also developed these features to dynamically adapt to evolving documentation and changing audience needs. The result is a skill set that empowers anyone to design a splash page that creates the perfect first impression and enhances the value of their documentation.

Course Highlights

  • Responsive Design: Embrace the "Post Internet Explorer (IE) Browser Era" by harnessing the latest technologies in powerful browsers. Learn how to use these technologies to create an engaging experience for your audience, incorporating popular features requested in our custom work.
  • Dynamic Content Handling: Design splash pages with designated areas for specific types of dynamic content, delivering a "wow" factor to your audience.
  • FAQ Navigation: Create an area for FAQs with links that navigate directly to the most relevant and latest content, ensuring that your documentation remains up-to-date.
  • Training Videos: Incorporate an area for important training videos, making them easily accessible on or off the page, with responsive design for cross-device compatibility.
  • Engagement Guidance: Add a general description area that guides your audience on why they should be on the splash page.
  • Related Topics: Specify links for related or hot topics to keep your audience informed.
  • Optimal Browser Viewing: Design splash pages that maximize any browser's viewing area without sacrificing maintainability or readability.
  • Integration with Reverb 2.0: Learn how to seamlessly integrate custom splash page layouts with a Reverb 2.0 skin design.
  • Responsive Resizing: Understand how Reverb 2.0 and browsers resize content for accessibility and an optimal user experience.
  • Content Architecture: Build a working model that incorporates a content architectural design, enabling your audience to discover how to use a product or service.
  • User Navigation: Implement a standard interface for your users to navigate your online help content and find answers quickly, with minimal CSS knowledge required.


  • Must be a current WebWorks customer
  • Applies to Reverb 2.0 outputs ONLY
  • Contact us if you're not currently on Reverb 2.0 to learn how to upgrade:
    • phone: (887) 693-2967
    • email: info@webworks.com


The cost for this advanced training course is $550.00 per person, with group training discounts available.

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