ePublisher Analytics Training

ePublisher is packed with advanced Google Analytics tracking. We developed this course, so you could take full advantage of those features.

A four-hour training course to cover how Reverb 2.0 uses Google Event Tracking to help you better understand how your audience is engaging with your documentation.

What do we mean by engagement? Have you ever wondered how effective your documentation is in helping your audience? Did they find the results they needed through search? Did the topic cover all their questions? Did your documentation meet the expectations of your audience? All this can be answered by measuring your audience’s engagment with your documentation. Reverb 2.0 allows you to do this via Google Event Tracking.

Traditionally, Google Analytics was designed to record eCommerce customer behavior, so up until now professionals have shyed away from using it with documentation because there are no clear conversion paths. This concept is just not true. Analytics can still give invaluable information on documentation through engagement. We have taken this concept and tailored this course to teach you the value of analytic driven documentation. This course covers topics for the Google beginner to Advance concepts. ePublisher Analytics Training is the first step in fully understanding what your audience gets out of the documentation you create for them.

Training Agenda

  • How Google gathers data on your content
  • How Google records and reports the data it gathers
  • How to analyze a Google report when it comes to documentation
  • Google Event Tracking (What is an event and how to create one)
  • Understanding Reverb 2.0 preconfigured Event Tracking
  • How to read a Reverb 2.0 Event Tracking report


$750.00 per person. (Group training discounts are available)

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